Sarvotham’s Muscle Correction Technique "MCT"®

Sarvotham's Muscle Correction Technique

Sarvotham’s Muscle Correction Technique "MCT"® is a traditional Hands-On Non-Invasive technique crafted exclusively for spine related ailments. This technique has been perfected and has evolved over generations.

This indigenous technique is used for correcting the spinal muscular structure providing a better muscle stability, range of motion and muscle relaxation which promotes a better night’s rest.

Muscular balance is the main factor for quality of movement. Certain groups of muscles have a tendency for shortness whereas fast twitching (phasic) muscles have a tendency for weakness. Muscular asymmetry could be the result of imbalance between two groups of muscles which increases the intramuscular pressure.

MCT® does not change the body structure but corrects the imbalance between the various muscle groups around the spine. It relieves muscle tension and promotes mobility. Further the intervertebral column pressure is reduced along the spine, which promotes natural coordination of the spinal muscles.

Finger pressure is applied on specific points in a unique traditional sequencing pattern in a coordinated manner. The unique sequence of using these points is the key to success.

MCT® is a refined form of application of knowledge obtained through traditional Indian systems for health, which has passed hands-on through generations (Gupta Vidya).

MCT® is a Native Non-Invasive Spine Speciality. It is a holistic Approach for the well-being of your spine with NIL side effects.


At Sarvothams we have observed that MCT® and "Varma Kalai" techniques are similar.

The principles of many natural healing systems now popular in the West have their roots in traditional Indian system of medicine and MCT® is loosely derived from one such system that has been handed down in the family for generations.

Varma kalai is not superficial landmarks on the body surface but these are deep-seated important physio-anatomical structures. The knowledge of Varma kalai is the oldest hidden treasure of Vedic skill. Many ancient saints got the knowledge of Varma kalai and practiced this knowledge for the betterment of suffering humanity. Varma kalai chikitsa is the oldest treasure of Indian Vedic period.