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Frequently Asked Questions

Mild and general finger pressure is applied without any needles or equipment. Only finger pressure is experienced.

Comfortable clothing is recommended. Especially women are advised to wear dress without collar.

Nothing is permanent until you maintain the condition and improve your lifestyle.

It is estimated an average of 90 minutes.

It depends on individual conditions but an average of 20 visits in length is recommended with periodical follow ups.

Yes, if mobility is a concern.

This therapy has NIL side effects.

You will have to online / call and consult and take advice.

Yes relevant to your spine.

Keep it handy as advice by your previous medicine doctor if only your pain is not bearable / SOS consult and take, please do not self medicate.

Yes as advised by your medicine doctor for your general wellbeing.

Yes a framework / guideline.

Our success rate is over 90% with benefits over 60%.

It is a token system upon arrival, kindly call the center before in hand.

Individuals above 65 yrs and kids below 14yrs, please call and discuss with the therapist before you pay a visit to the respective centre that you wish to visit.

Yes it's safe and the most preferred choice by the OBG community & mothers to be since it has NIL side effects.

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